Potomac Disposal

The Villages contracts with Potomac Disposal for garbage and recycle removal.

Trash is picked up twice each week, on Monday and Thursday, usually early morning.

Recycling is picked up once each week on Thursday.

The only trash/recycling pickup exceptions are Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, when Potomac Disposal is closed.

Garbage must be placed in a closed-lid garbage container. Trash and recycling placed outside for pickup must be secured such that debris does not blow around.

Trash and recycle containers are supplied by the homeowner.

Potomac Disposal also removes yard waste (grass, twigs, weeds, etc.) during Thursday recycle pickup provided it is disposed of in specialty, oversized paper yard waste bags (available at grocery and hardware stores). You must call Potomac Disposal in advance of Thursday recycling to notify them them of yard waste.

Potomac Disposal will remove certain types of bulk items, such as furniture, mattresses, tables, etc. for a nominal fee. Do not place such items out for pick up without first contacting Potomac Disposal and expressly arranging pick up.

Potomac Disposal will not remove metal scraps or materials, appliances and similar items. Metal trash must be taken to the Montgomery County Transfer Station, see www.montgomerycountymd.gov/sws/dropoff.

Consider writing, with a permanent marker, your street address or other identifiable information on your trash cans and recycle bins. It is not uncommon for cans and bins to end up on a neighbor’s driveway.