Emergency (Police, Fire, Ambulance)    911

Police – City of Rockville non-emergency    240.314.8900

Police – Montgomery County non-emergency    301.279.8000

Rockville Volunteer Fire Department, Station 3    301.424.2311


Comsource after hours Maintenance emergency: 301-421-4538


Precautions to Enhance your Safety

1. Person-to-Person Transactions:

When engaging in person-to-person sales, especially with individuals you do not know, we strongly recommend arranging meetings in well-lit and public areas - such as the police station parking lot. If possible, consider conducting transactions in public places with security cameras.

2. Be Cautious with Personal Information:

Exercise caution when sharing personal information online, especially on public platforms like social media or online marketplaces. Limit the information you provide to only what is necessary for the transaction.

3. Securing Your Home:

Ensure that your doors and windows are properly secured at all times, even when you are at home. Consider installing deadbolt locks, security cameras, and alarm systems to deter potential intruders.

4. Reporting Suspicious Activity:

If you witness any suspicious activity within the community, do not hesitate to contact the local authorities immediately. Your prompt reporting could help prevent further incidents.

5. Join the Community Discord Channel:

We encourage all residents to actively participate in our community Discord channel. We have a dedicated Safety & Security channel where folks post real-time security concerns.

6. Join the Nextdoor: Neighborhood Network:

This is an application used to get the most from your neighborhood/surrounding area. Use this app to connect with neighborhoods.