Where can my guests park their vehicles?
Guests can park vehicles in any of the visitor-designated parking spaces. It is illegal to park anywhere in the Villages other than driveways and designated visitor spaces. Any vehicles parked on the streets or alongside curbs are subject to immediate towing. See parking rules.
What color can I paint the exterior trim of my home?
Doors and trim must be painted the original color. See the Design Review Guidelines for additional information.
When is the trash picked up?
Trash is picked up on Monday and Thursday mornings. Recyclables are collected from designated blue bins on Thursday. Please note that trash/recycling pickup exceptions are any Federal holiday whereby the County transfer facility is closed. When one of these holidays fall on a service day, service will be provided the following regularly scheduled service day. 
Garbage must be placed in a closed-lid garbage container. Recycling placed outside for pickup must be secured such that debris does not blow around. The earliest trash and recycling may be placed outside is 6:00 p.m. of the evening prior to pick up. For yard waste and large bulk trash, contact Potomac Disposal at 301-294-9700.
Where would I get a new or extra recycle bin?
They are available Lowes, Home Depot other stores.
Who is responsible for snow removal?
The HOA contracts with Level Green Landscaping for snow removal from our streets. Residents are responsible for clearing their driveways and sidewalks.
Who takes care of the flowers and grass?
The HOA contracts with Level Green Landscaping for common area landscaping. They mow and edge lawns and periodically mulch homeowners’ front and side yards. As a courtesy, Level Green also mows backyard lawns provided access is available. Homeowners who do not want them to enter their backyard to mow should lock their rear gate. Homeowners are responsible for flowers, plantings, shrubs, trees and are welcome to contract with Level Green Landscaping for additional private property landscaping design and maintenance needs. Contact Dave Briggs 202.544.0968   www.levelgreenlandscaping.com
There is a bus stop on Tower Oaks Blvd. Where does this bus go?
The bus stop is for the Montgomery County Ride On bus, route #81. The bus runs between the Rockville Metro Station and White Flint Metro Station. General Ride On information is available at www.montgomerycountymd.gov/dot-transit. The route #81 Ride On schedule is available at www.montgomerycountymd.gov/DOT-Transit/routesandschedules/allroutes/route081.html.
How can I help the Villages HOA?
The HOA appreciates any help from residents. We welcome your participation on our various committees, listed on the home page. Please contact VillagesAtTowerOaks@gmail.com with your ideas, suggestions or comments. Elections for the board are held annually in the spring and all homeowners are encouraged to attend the annual meeting and to run for board and committee vacancies.
How can I make sure I receive notices from the HOA?
The HOA communicates with homeowners and residents by postal mail and email. To ensure that you receive email communications, please email VillagesAtTowerOaks@gmail.com with your street address and email address(es).
How can I make suggestions for or corrections to this web site?
Send an email to VillagesAtTowerOaks@gmail.com. We welcome help in improving our site.