Pets and Animal Control

The Villages Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Easements and Restrictions / Article 11 – Use of Villages Property; Restrictions / Section 11.7 – Animals (page 44), covers Village-specific regulations regarding animals and pets. Essentially, household pets are permitted provided they do not impose a nuisance upon other homeowners or Villages property. Key Villages at Tower Oaks and City of Rockville animal control regulations are as follows:

  • Livestock and dangerous animals are not permitted. Exotic animals are only permitted with the express written permission of the City of Rockville Police chief.
  • Pets must be registered, licensed and inoculated as required by law. The City’s Neighborhood Services Division, a component of the Rockville City Police Department, handles pet licensing. See:
  • Pets are prohibited from common areas unless carried or leashed and accompanied by a responsible individual.
  • Pets may not urinate on common property. It kills the grass!
  • Owners must immediately remove solid pet waste (“Pooper Scooper” law) deposited on any property, private, public or common, that is not otherwise the private premises of the owner. Solid waste may be placed in a plastic bag, and if placed in a second plastic bag, may be disposed of with normal household garbage. Homeowners who observe pet owners failing to abide by the Pooper Scooper law are asked to inform the board or the Villages property manager.
  • Pets may not pose a nuisance (off leash, attack without provocation, make disturbing noise, make unwanted contact, etc.) to Villages residents.
  • Pets must be treated humanely.
  • The City maintains a clean, friendly, dog park at King Farm. Rockville residents wishing to use this park must submit a participation agreement. See:
  • Contact the Rockville City Police Neighborhood Services Division, 240-314-8900, to request removal of deceased animals, whether on public or private property.