Pick Up the Litter

Trash strewn about the Villages is an eyesore, negatively affects home values and attracts rodents.  It does not pick itself up and it’s everyone’s problem.

Please take pride in your surroundings and the Villages’ beautiful neighborhood by helping to keep your property
and the Villages’ common areas clean and inviting for homeowners, residents, guests and prospective homebuyers:

  • Pick up and pitch in your recycle container any stray newspapers.
  • When placing your garbage container out for pick up on Mondays and Thursdays, ensure that the lid is tightly fastened. Contents must be securely tied, bagged or otherwise prevented from being blown around, especially on windy days.
  • For Thursday recycle (cans, bottles, paper, cardboard) pick up, secure your recyclable materials so the wind does not blow items away.
  • Empty trash cans, recycle bins and other containers have a way of windsurfing, often into the street where they can be a vehicle and pedestrian hazard. Uprighting and returning them to the driveways where they belong is the neighborly thing to do.
  • Check your property for wayward trash, particularly on Mondays and Thursdays and promptly dispose of it.
  • Rubbish on the street, in the visitor parking zone, by the mailbox, the curb, the grassy area or your own private property? Regardless of how it got there, for the benefit of the entire community, pick it up and properly dispose of it.

It’s up to every homeowner and resident to actively participate in maintaining The Villages cleanliness and appeal.