Safety and Security

We are privileged to live in a safe and secure community, yet it is important to remain mindful of personal and community safety. The City of Rockville provides safety and security information at the following links:

Fire safety             

Bicycle safety         

Crime and public safety



  • Obey the Villages 15-mph speed limit!
  • If you see a speeder, if at all possible, record the license plate, day and time and call the Rockville City Police at 240.314.8900.
  • The Villages is a walk-friendly community. Drive slowly and stay aware of the many pedestrians (especially children and the elderly).
  • If walking in the dark, wear reflective clothing or apply reflector patches to clothing.
  • Deer live in and around the Villages. Drive slowly and cautiously, especially during dawn and dusk, when deer are foraging. If you see one deer, there are more close by.
  • Parents, review street safety rules with your children and warn them of the dangers of playing in the streets.
  • By law, Maryland prohibits the use of hand-held devices while driving. This applies to texting and cell phone usage.



  • Lights are your friend. Use indoor light timers and exterior photo detector or motion sensor lights to illuminate your property and give the appearance that your home is occupied.
  • Use maximum-security deadbolt locks.
  • Keep all doors locked.
  • Arm your home’s alarm system.
  • If you suspect an intrusion, consider using the panic button on your vehicle’s remote control to trigger your car’s alarm.
  • If you will be out of town, ask your neighbors to retrieve newspapers and packages. Nothing screams unoccupied house more than newspapers collecting.
  • Place a working fire extinguisher in each level of your home.
  • Equip your home with a portable, foldable fire escape ladder.
  • Install and/or regularly test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Change the batteries twice each year when resetting clocks in spring and fall.