Safety and Parking

The Safety and Parking Committee is responsible for increasing residents' awareness of safety issues in the community and for monitoring compliance with the association's parking regulations.


15 MPH Speed Limit

The speed limit on the private streets within the community is 15 MPH.  The streets throughout the community are relatively narrow, so for the safety of residents, children, joggers/walkers, and dog-walkers please watch your speed.  Violators will be reported to the City of Rockville Police Department and are subject to citation and/or fines.  Note:  The Safety and Parking Committee is currently working with Comsource to replace all speed limit and no parking signage throughout the community.


Safety Reminders

The Committee encourages everyone in the community to develop a rapport with your neighbors.  In today’s society, we often do not talk to our neighbors, but our neighbors are essential to good home security.  We can work with our neighbors to keep an eye on each other’s homes when we are away.  We can let our neighbors know when we will be away and let them know if we have other people checking on our homes when we are away.  Neighbors working together provide some of the best protection when we look out for each other.  Other recommended safety measures include:

  • If you leave your car out at night, make sure the doors are locked, windows closed and remove all personal information and any visible valuables that may entice an opportunistic thief looking for an easy target.
  • Always make sure your garage door is closed when going to bed or leaving the house.
  • Lock your doors and any accessible windows/sliding doors when going to bed or leaving the house.
  • Leave lights on when you are gone or have them on automatic timers for the evening.
  • Avoid posting on social media when away and while you are away.
  • Clearly display your house number so police and other emergency vehicles can find your home quickly.
  • Everyone in the community is encouraged to report any suspicious activity immediately to law enforcement. If you see something say something.



Owners should familiarize themselves with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Easements and Restrictions which specifically address parking within the community and vehicles. 

Parking is one of the greatest sources of headaches for many HOA communities, including ours.  Homeowners/residents who lack sufficient parking due to having inaccessible garages, multiple vehicles, temporary visitors, etc. too often resort to parking on the street which is specifically addressed in Section 7.14 which states - All Villages Owners and/or occupants shall park within their garage and/or on the driveway.   This creates an inconvenience by limiting accessibility to our community sidewalks, decreases visibility and in an emergency makes it difficult for police and fire safety vehicles to quickly get through which is specifically addressed in Section 7.16 which states - Parking in such a manner that sidewalks are partially or totally blocked is not permitted.


If you would like to participate on this committee or have any questions, please send an email addressed to the Safety and Parking Committee at  Alternatively, you may contact Claudia Urbina our Community Association Manager/Comsource Representative at Comsource, our property management company, at 301.924.7344