We all want our community to remain beautiful and well kept. Please do your part by maintaining the landscaping on your property, cleaning up after your pet, and picking up litter on both your property and the common areas.

The Villages at Tower Oaks contracts with Level Green for landscaping maintenance of our common areas. Level Green also mows and edges lawns, mulches plant beds, and trims at front and side yards of Villages homes. Note that Level Green mows back-yard grass as a courtesy and only if the gate door is unlocked. They will not force open a gate handle that is broken, stuck, or locked.

For their own property, homeowners may, at their own expense, hire Level Green for additional landscaping design and maintenance. Contact Dave Briggs at Level Green, 202.544.0968, or email for more information. Remember that any major changes to trees or shrubs on homeowner property require Design Review Committee approval.

The Villages also contracts with Level Green to remove snow from our community streets. Homeowners are responsible for snow removal from their driveways, sidewalks, and steps. The City of Rockville snow removal guidelines should be followed, see

Who maintains the area around the storm water drainage pond behind Treasure Oak Court, and the area around Dogwood Park?

These areas are maintained by the City of Rockville. Homeowners with landscape concerns involving these areas should contact the city directly.

What can be done about yellow and bare spots on common area lawns?

The yellowing of grass is caused by pet urine. The official position of the HOA is "your pet goes on your property." Owners are encouraged to plant Liriope (Lily Turf) as an alternative grass to cover bare spots at front yard planting strips. Liriope is an inexpensive plant that grows well in both sun and shade, does not require mowing, and fills in areas nicely.

As part of the HOA’s ongoing landscape maintenance program, Level Green restores grass (new sod or seed) to a portion of the common area each year, typically in the fall months during cooler weather and greater rainfall. This restoration replenishes grass that has died due to lack of water or erosion not due to pet urine.

Again, "your pet goes on your property."

Does putting new mulch on top of old mulch without turning it over provide areas for termites to breed?

According to Level Green, this is a fable. The mulch is so heavily processed (ground up multiple times) and then bagged (high temperatures and no oxygen) that it is impossible for any insect to survive. In the case of bulk mulch that is not bagged, a chemical dye is applied that prevents insect survival.

What deer resistant plants are recommended for my private yard?

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources provides the following information:

Are there any recommendations for native/drought-tolerant plants, plants that attract butterflies, and invasive plants to avoid?

Check out this website, all about gardening:

What guidelines are there for fence construction?

Refer to Article 11.24 – Fences (page 50), in the Villages at Tower Oaks Covenants.